Sunday, March 9, 2008

too much.

I think part of growing up is realizing that people are different. We do not all have the same opinions, beliefs, or points of view (nor should we). I've had a difficult time in school being introduced to new ideas and beliefs. I've been challenged to re-evaluate much of what I have been brought up to believe or have come to believe on my own. I have changed and I have stayed the same as a result of my newfound knowledge. Some of the issues that we have discussed in my classes I have no real opinion on and I don't intend to spend a lot of time trying to develop opinions on issues that no one will ever have answers to. I think life passes too quickly and we are called to more than simply engaging ourselves in carousel conversations. But when the topic of conversation shifts to injustices or inequality, I find myself challenged to re-evaluate my own beliefs and lifestyle. Knowledge is beautiful in the sense that it opens your eyes to a whole new world, however it also pushes you into a perspective that you cannot turn back on. There is a great burden that comes with knowledge. I am trying to balance what I've grown up to believe, what the people that I love and respect believe, what I've learned in my classes, what my own experiences have taught me and what I've learned about the experiences of others around the world. And sometimes the weight of everything is too much. I want to rise above apathy but I find forming my own opinions can sometimes be a lonely, scary, and difficult process to go through.