Sunday, March 2, 2008


1. I changed to blogspot because I couldn't figure out how to use the other one very well and more importantly...Katie's was cuter than mine. Now there is a striking similarity. Sorry, Nesty. So I copied my other posts to their new home.

2. I can't find the right music to match my mood

3. I think life is going to different from what I was expecting. I only hope I have the courage to allow it to be.

4. I liked church tonight. I loved this:
We say, "I can't" to Jesus.
He says, "I never said you could...but I can..."

How often do I try to do things through my own strength and effort and how often am I faced with failure and disappointment!?! God is so much bigger than I allow him to be.



Hey Sista,
I like your blog. Did you know that I started one? I'll read yours if you read mine.

Similar titles. Haha!

You're big Bro.