Monday, March 8, 2010


I have my Russian lesson in about 2.5 hours and I should probably study...which is exactly why I'm writing a blog. Here they are- life thoughts, happenings, and concerns as of lately.

1. Today is International Women's Day which I guess is a day to celebrate women. I, for one, celebrate how great it is to be a woman every day (with the exception of a few every month) though I do appreciate the day off from work.

2. Tomorrow is not Women's Day and thus, I will go to work. We will be discussing cultural gender roles and how they've got it sort of messed up here in Russia and that women are worth a lot more than their looks and ability to cook and clean for their man. So basically I'm seeking to impose my own personal beliefs on my students. And they will accept them. Or they will fail.

3. My neighbors are smoking inside and it is seeping in through the walls and I sort of hate it. Truthfully, I might as well just take up smoking while I'm here. I mean, why fight it? Eveyone's doing it...

4. I had a dream last night that an alligator was attacking me.

5. I know this doesn't speak very highly of my ability to focus on what truly matters in life...but I really miss my clothes.

6. My Dad and I have a date planned for when I return. We'll get coffee and then sit on a bench in the mall and make fun of people that walk by. Just like the old days. (You can't blame me for the way I turned's my parents' fault!)

7. I keep buying vegetables with the every intention of eating them. I keep throwing away squishy, hairy, moldy vegetables.

8. I've been thinking about home a lot lately. I need to stop. I have a little less than three months left in Russia and I need to live them to the fullest.

9. I continue to say and do awkward things. Really awkward things. I have this hope that you can grow out of awkwardness but I'm beginning to have my doubts.

10. Last week one of my students gave me chocolates as an apology for calling me profane names in an email he sent me while drunk on New Years. Sweet of him, huh?

11. I could eat dried fruit and nuts all day every day. Especially banana chips. And especially cashews.

12. I realized that since coming to Russia I make my bed every morning. I even feel a little disturbed if I leave my room and my bed is not made.

13. My friends are growing up and getting married. Uh...

14. I like the feeling of sore muscles after working out.

15. I've successfully put off studying my Russian for ten solid minutes. Go me.


Megs said...

i do the same thing with vegetables!! i have the best of intentions but absolutely terrible follow through.

i'm not growing up and getting married !

Laura said...

Excuse me! Blame your parents? In this case, I think you mean parent...just one...and it's NOT me!

Rod said...

Hmmm, I trust you don't have a nightmare about a smoking alligator attacking you!

I have to admit that I'm regularly impressed with you and other 20+ adults as you not only hear God, but respond as well. I believe that this generation is being called to something that my generation has not. I believe that God is preparing to do complete a BIG thing and working through the 20+ adults to get it done! I'm excited for you and what you are doing. Blessings!!