Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Friday...

Fridays, around 12:30pm are quite possibly one of my favorite times of the week. I only teach two classes on Fridays and so I arrive home just about this time with the worries of the work week behind me and the knowledge that the weekend awaits. This weekend is sure to be a busy one. It is Shannon's birthday on Sunday and Rachael and I have planned a few surprises for her (I feel safe in telling you this now because I'm 98% sure my roommates don't read my blog).

I had plans to play pool with my good friend Arina this afternoon (she's teaching me) but I haven't been feeling well lately and my cough and sore throat have now turned into no voice and pain in my chest (don't worry mom, I'll steam). I've lost my voice before but it has never hurt...which concerns me slightly this time...but only a little. I seem to always have weird health things going on so I figure it's a little too early in the game to be too concerned.

Though I would much rather not have to cough every time I inhale or sound like a man every time I try to speak, there is something nice about having a reason to slow down, put your pajamas on before lunch, take a three hour nap, and drink tea all day. So that's all for now. My water is boiling and my bed is calling my name. Happy Friday.


Deanna said...

Friday afternoons are my favorite time of the week also! No guilt about not lesson planning because I've worked all day, and I know that I have Saturday and Sunday afternoon if I need to lesson plan. Friday afternoon is the only time of the week where I feel truly relaxed.

Laura said...

Where's the Vicks Vapor rub! I should have sent a jar in your package! So, I guess this means we won't be talking to you tomorrow...maybe just typing? Take care of yourself and you KNOW I'll be praying! Get yourself home so I don't have to worry about you getting sick in a foreign country any longer.