Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanks to Russia...

Thanks to Russia I now have a new and/or greater appreciation for the following:

1. English speakers
2. Cottage cheese
3. Red fingernail polish
4. Boots
5. Personal space
6. Lines...and the ability of people to wait in them
7. Tea
8. Skype
9. No smoking laws
10. Daylight
11. Toilet paper
12. Free water at restaurants
13. High heels
14. Laxatives
15. Fur lined hoods


katie said...

what about a new appreciation for heat? :)

love you.

andrea said...

Wait, they charge you for water? Like they don't have enough of it. Can't they just melt the snow and call it good?

Jamie said...

At some point, I will need further explanation on some of these. Like, red finger nail polish? And maybe toilet paper...or maybe I don't want to know.