Monday, December 28, 2009

The best is yet to come

Three consecutive days in a row of blogging? People, this has got to be a record. Today as I was being introverted and antisocial, my journal and I made a startling realization. It is almost 2010. I find that incredibly difficult to believe (but I will save the sappy, sentimental post for another day). Today I made a list of all of the goals/things I want to accomplish/do. It's going to be a busy year.

-Run a half marathon (no stress fracture will stop me this time!)
-Continue taking Russian lessons whether I'm in Russia or not
-Be the best teacher I can be
-Learn to how to salsa
-Climb Mt. St. Helens
-Try not to be such a socially awkward/inept freak
-Read Crime and Punishment (I know, I have no right being in Russia...)
-Get Katie Nestor back in my arms and never let her go
-Write a children's book
-Finish this year in Russia knowing I gave my all
-Trust God
-Figure out how to be asexual
-Make a fondant cake
-Find a job that makes a difference
-Eat healthier (I have to add this's tradition)
-"Get" Jamie a magazine subscription for the third time, but this time actually send in the form. (Sorry, Heil)
-Appreciate life
-Better understand, appreciate, and utilize the power and privilege we have in prayer
-Get my second Hepatitus A shot that is long overdue and I was supposed to get before I came to Russia but I hate needles so I didn't. "oops"
-Forgive and forget for good. (Please notice the use of alliteration here)
-Have long hair


katie said...

please explain: Figure out how to be asexual

ps i laughed outloud about the katie nestor one :)

Jamie said...

Yea...I'm going to need an explanation on the asexual one.

Elizabeth Joy said...

Really? I thought that one was pretty self explanatory. Asexual = "free from or unaffected by sexuality: an asexual friendship." Think how much easier life would be? Don't deny it...I've heard your stories...