Sunday, December 27, 2009


I miss food. Good food.

When I return to Seattle I plan on eating all of the following and as a result, gaining about ten pounds: (listed in no particular order)

-Thai Kitchen-Chicken Pad Thai and Pad See Ew
-Starbucks- Anything
-Costco-Hot dog
-Wasabi Bistro- Las Vegas roll
-The Rusty Pelican- an omelet and biscuit
-Forza- Peach Te Freeze and Pesto Chicken Tortellini
-Specialty's Bakery-Chocolate chip cream cheese croissant
-Red Robin- French fries!
-Molly Moons- Strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone
-Tawon Thai-Thai iced tea
-Tully's-Antioxidant smoothie
-Noah's Bagels-Pumpkin bagel and cream cheese
-The Powerhouse-Black bean burger
-Taco Time- Crisp taco kids meal


dmitchell86 said...

You left a lot out from this list, but I like the way you think! You're on the right track for sure.

katie said...

david is drinking your eggnog latte.