Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week in Review

I have at least 15 minutes to kill before the muffins I just made are cool enough to eat so I thought I'd write a blog filling you in on the uneventful events of the past week. I mean, why not, right?

Saturday morning I woke up and immediately I knew I was in trouble. Sore throat, achey body...these are not feelings we generally associate with healthy people. So I did my best to combat the inevitable. I took Zicam, emergenC, and coldease...all those products that promise to stop or shorten your cold but who knows if they actually work. Saturday was a fairly uneventful day and I liked it that way. Except I met a man to talk about possibly volunteering at an orphange. We were supposed to meet at 2:00 and as I was standing out there in the cold at approximately 1:56pm I realized I had no idea how I would distinguish who this man was apart from the crowd. At 2:11 I began to sms (text) him and just then a man came out of the building which I was standing in front of and started looking around. I got up the nerve to ask him his name and in English he responded, "Oh! You look Russian! You look very Russian!"
So that's that I guess. I look russian. I'm not sure if that is a good thing but I'll tell you one thing- I wouldn't mind having the figure of a russian woman. Well...let me clarify. I wouldn't mind having the figure of a young russian woman.

And that was Saturday.

Sunday I woke up and wished I hadn't. I had a stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, achey body, and an awful, awful headache. I pretty much spent the day in bed. I only got up when my back wouldn't allow me to lie (lay?...shoot, and I'm supposed to be an Enlgish teacher) on it anymore. The previous week we had been talking in class about home remedies when you get sick. Ironic, right? Anyway, one student told me when you get a cold you're supposed to soak your feet in warm water with mustard powder and I considered doing it...but only for a second. I'm not that russian.

And that was Sunday

Mondays are long days for us but I felt I had to at least try and tough it out as I couldn't cancel four classes and there was no one to cover the morning. Plus, I was giving a test in two of my classes and I didn't want to disappoint them by postponing it ;-)So, onto the metro we went, headed to school. It was about one and a half stops in when I realized there was a fairly real possibility that I was going to pass out. I could feel myself starting to sweat. I felt nauseous. My vision was a little off. I could just picture myself collapsing in the middle of the metro. Boy, would that be a story. So, I squatted down. Let me tell you, this was a last resort as people don't generally squat on the metro. No, they don't ever squat. The girl above me looked half concerned, half appalled at my behavior. The moment the metro stopped I made my way out and immediately sat down. My poor roommates just sort of hovered above me not really knowing what to do. And I had three thoughts.
1. I'm going to throw up/pass out in the middle of the metro station
2. God, help me not to throw up/pass out in the middle of the metro station
3. When I sit like this wearing these heels, it looks like I'm wearing high waters
Long story short, I pulled myself together, stuck it out for two classes and then Jeffrey came in and saved the day. Thank you Jeffrey!! (Also, sorry mom for not telling you about the nearly passing out part. I knew it would only worry you...I'm feeling much better today!)

And that was Monday.

God helped me out yesterday. He knew I still wasn't feeling great and my Tuesday went off with abnormal ease (does that make sense? Can I say "abnormal ease?") I had a seat on the metro both to and from work and several students were absent from both of my classes, which while I dearly missed them, (okay, no I didn't) the smaller class sizes certainly made teaching easier. I came home feeling worn out, I rested on my bed for about an hour, and then my roommates and I decided to walk to the fancy grocery store because we wanted to make nachos. However, we got sidetracked on the way and ended up eating at a chinese restaurant. Nachos...chinese...they're basically the same.

And that was Tuesday

Today was a good day. I am feeling much better except for the fact that every time I blow my nose my ears whistle. I'm hoping that fluid will find it's way out of there without any problems...
Anyway, I only teach one class on Wednesdays and it does not begin until the late afternoon so I have the morning all to myself. I slept in, graded some papers, and decided that it's been four's probably time to shower. I know what you're thinking...four days? Gross! And yes, you are right. Four days is probably too long to go without showering but I've been sick, so give me a break. And to top it off, showers aren't exactly enjoyable here. If on any given day you can put you're entire body under the stream of water and not start shivering, you should say a little prayer, for God has surely blessed you. Anyway, I'm clean now and I can leave that four day business behind me. My class went well and I came home to half a pint of ice cream waiting for me in the freezer. I baked some muffins for the morning, watched the move "Bella" with my roommates (watch it!) and now I'm about to read Pride and Prejudice in bed. Aside from being sick, it has been a good week so far. And tomorrow is my Friday! Now it doesn't get much better than that! Spakonya Noche!


katie said...

Thank you for the update. I laughed so hard about the high-water part. Definitely appropriate timing for that! I miss you, dear. I do, I do.

Skype sometime soon?

Todd said...

you must have been hungry to end up eating a chinese restaurant!

Elizabeth Joy said...

Okay, okay, we all make mistakes. Typo fixed.

andrea said...

Was he a Russian too? Even Russians think you look Russian!

I'm glad your feeling better. Everyone is sick here too. It's pretty lame.