Friday, October 16, 2009


Some people have been asking about my address. Only now, am I smart enough to figure out how to write in Russian. So here it is:

Россия 197136
Г. Сант Петербург
Большой Пр., П.С. д. 86, кв. 19
Кому: Elizabeth Miles

I'm in no way posting this in expectation of you leaping up from your computer and running to the post office to mail me something. In fact, let me warn you, shipping to Russia is quite expensive as I learned the hard way...

On the other hand...
If you suddenly strike it rich and feel a burning desire to make a little girl in a far away land very happy, the following items would be gladly accepted:
-maple syrup
-macaroni and cheese
-pop tarts (I don't know...random craving)
-apple cider mix
-guilty pleasure reading (instyle, RealSimple, Rachael Ray magazines)
-anything related to the holidays
-canned pumpkin
-baking mixes


Jamie said...


Jillann Elisabeth said...

you should probably put my address up here too. stop hogging all the generosity to your self, Blue.

Elizabeth Joy said...

you have your own blog. Get off mine! said...

Its not exactly maple syrup and we have to get the vanilla imported still, but we make our syrup.... one part water to two parts sugar and like a teaspoon of vanilla. Cook it as slowly as you can [try not to boil] on the stove. Oh, and you can actually get maple flavoring too instead of vanilla... might last you longer than a bottle of syrup and its lighter, thus cheaper to ship!! :)

Elizabeth Joy said...

anika, if you weren't already my hero, you certainly are now!