Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh hi there

It appears my blog has made a liar out of me. My best intentions to write more have obviously fallen short, though I am vowing to be a bit more consistent from here on out. (You haven't heard that before, have you?!)

With that said, I have no real thoughts to share today except two rather exciting announcements.

1. I'm an Aunt! Little Ella Noelle was born last Friday making me an aunt to the cutest niece in the world. No seriously, she's the cutest.

2. I'm getting married two months from today. This is big, people. Life is a changin. Get. Ready.


Laura said...

Hurray! You're back! And you are absolutely right about the cutest niece...she's also the cutest granddaughter!

Two months to go. But who's counting? :)

T said...

It's about time. Mom and I are probably the only ones who keep checking back. And yes, she is the cutest. Have you noticed how much she looks like me.