Monday, October 18, 2010

Life is Beautiful

Yesterday two of my dear friends tied the knot. As I was sitting at BJ and Kendra's wedding, watching them exchange their vows, I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of my life. I watched my friends commit to spend the rest of their lives learning how to love and serve each other a little more every day. Incredible. The happiness on their faces blew me away.

I am trying (though fail as I do) to see significant beauty in each day. Some days (like yesterday) it's easy. Other days (like Mondays) it takes a little more effort. But it's there-the beauty. Lately, I've seen it in the changing leaves, in unusually light traffic, and in a baby that sleeps an extra ten minutes. I've seen it in strangers that let you cut in front of them at the grocery store, in kind text messages, in hot coffee on a crisp fall day, and in quiet, relaxing evenings.

Truth is, the more intentional I am about believing that goodness and beauty can be found, the more evident it becomes. I find this reality to be...well...beautiful. ;-)


katie said...

this makes me happy!