Tuesday, July 6, 2010

List as of Late

Life has been busy and I really haven't done the greatest job of blogging. I do believe there might be some semi-meaningful thoughts in me somewhere, but they aren't ready to come out quite yet. So lately instead of blogging I have been:

1. Reading
2. Looking at WEDDING venues online
3. Drinking lots of water
4. Spending time in Seattle
5. Getting headaches
6. Eating lots of fruit
7. Missing Joel
8. Job searching
9. Wedding dress shopping
10. Running
11. Catching up with friends
12. Watching chick flicks
13. Catching up on music
14. Eating Red Mango every chance I get
15. Getting excited to go to Pasadena


Jillann Elisabeth said...


andrea said...

Is this in order? Glad to know that eating lots of fruit comes before missing Joel.

Elizabeth Joy said...

no particular order :-)