Saturday, November 14, 2009

And The List Goes On...


1) My parents. A.K.A. my teachers, my cheerleaders, my role models, my confidants and my friends.
2) My brother and sister (in-law)
3) Besties
4) My aunts, uncles, and cousins.
5) Unbroken promises
6) Little joys…like red cups at Starbucks
7) Changing leaves
8) Skype
9) Russian lessons…no matter how difficult or frustrating they are
10) My SPRINT girls
11) Oleg-for ruining my plans and changing the course of my life
12) Christmas music played long before December arrives
13) Blankets, books, and hot chocolate
14) My journal
15) The snow that is falling outside my window
16) The Bible
17) Friends…new and old
18) My little Russian life
19) Hope
20) Scarves, hats, and mittens
21) Nutella
22) The power of music
23) All of my basic needs are met…and they always have been
24) Women no longer wearing corsets
25) The first sunny day after a cold, dark, wet winter
26) Target, Costco, Ikea, REI, H&M, Fred Meyer, Ross, and Banana Republic :)
27) Carbohydrates and sugar
28) New experiences
29) Seattle Pacific University
30) Ukraine
31) Russia
32) Ibuprofen and Excedrin migraine
33) My laptop
34) Coffee shops
35) Memories
36) Tomorrow is a brand new day
37) Satsumas
38) Weekends
39) My students
40) Hot drinks on cold days and cold drinks on hot days
41) Freedom
42) Hugs and kisses
43) Hot showers
44) The training I received from TeachOverseas
45) Criminal Minds on DVD
46) Unexpected and unwarranted kindess
47) The people that pray for me
48) Afternoon naps
49) My five senses
50) My roommates/co-teachers/friends
51) Humor
52) The ability to run
53) The sunrise/sunset
54) Travel
55) “The Irresistible Revolution”
56) My health and the health of my family and friends
57) Kind strangers
58) The Gails
59) Parents’ insurance
60) Coziness
61) Baking things
62) Family friends
63) Chocolate milk
64) People who try to make a difference in the world
65) Those moments when you laugh so hard it hurts
66) Sunrise hikes
67) Creativity
68) New experiences
69) Las Vegas rolls and chocolate milk from a champagne glass
70) Passion
71) Lessons learned from the past
72) Family get togethers
73) My supporters
74) Emails, letters, and packages
75) Answered prayers
76) Unanswered prayers
77) Joy
78) Bethany Community Church
79) My teachers and professors
80) Electricity and running water
81) Photographs
82) My future husband (where, when, and if he exists)
83) Heat in our flat
84) Instant connections
85) The opportunity to travel to Prague and Dublin!!
86) My childhood
87) Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
88) Chapstick
89) Romantic comedies and the unrealistic expectations they set for future relationships :-)
90) Text messaging
91) The mystery and potential of the future
92) Holidays
93) My job
94) My car
95) Coloring books
96) Cereal straight from the box
97) Forgiveness
98) My hair straightener
99) Pandora
100) My previous work experience
101) Life


Laura said...

You are my example...I need to start my list.I have at LEAST that much to be thankful for! And I need to be more aware of it all. Thanks for the nudge!

Jamie said...

you have inspired me :)

katie said...

you forgot finger squeezes and laguna beach marathon days. ;)