Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 2

Things I've learned at training so far:

-Black widows live in Pasadena
-Eating doughnuts before dinner is a bad choice. Almost always.
-Wear sunscreen...or have a roommate who is willing to peel your skin off for you.
-Trust that God has you where he needs you...no matter how difficult or uncomfortable the circumstances.
-There are indeed some people even more awkward than I am. Praise the Lord.
-Appreciate the little things.
-Sleep is my friend. So are ant traps.
-Russian is a very difficult language to learn.
-Be willing to be vulnerable.
-Chocolate milk still makes life better.
-God's plan extends beyond relationships, occupations, and comfort. He may bless us with these things but that doesn't necessarily mean they are ours to keep forever.
-Air conditioning is a beautiful thing.
-It is in fact possible to live without my hair straightener. Life is a little frizzier though.
-Risk being known.
-Jillann is my hero.
-Some people play games involving planting beans. It's weird. And kind of fun.
-God provides for my needs (strength, finances, friendships, etc.)
-Even if it all seems overwhelming at times...his mercies truly are new each morning.
-It's okay to fail.
-It's only been a little over a week and I miss my family and friends like crazy. I realize how easily I take them for granted.
-Life will never be the same.


katie said...

I am glad you are learning... because if you weren't, I'd kidnap you and bring you back.... today!

anng said...

I'm so glad you are thriving. :) Look for an e-mail from me this week.

Sarah O'Brien said...

lots to have learned in such a short time! and your first bullet of knowledge freaks me out! I hope you never see one!!! YIKES!