Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In The Meantime

Current Coutdowns:
Last day of school: 10 Days..8 of those being work days
Last day of work: 36 days...23 work days (not counting days off)
Leave for California: 65 days
Training in Cali begins: 68 days
Leave for Russia: ~3.5 months

Time is passing quickly. It doesn't feel like too long ago that all of those numbers were in the triple digits and now the arrival of each of them will soon be a reality. I've been counting down for a while now and honestly,I've often wanted to just get through the day so I could cross it off. Yet lately I've been realizing the need to live in the moment, to search for the lessons in the here and now, and practice a lifestyle of gratitude. Two Sundays ago I heard something at church that rang particulary true to me. So often we have dreams and passions and prayers that we are just waiting for God to fulfill. Whether we realize it or not, it is almost as if we believe life will only truly begin upon the fulfillment of such dreams. And yet- life, joy, love, lessons, beauty, and God can all be found waiting for us in the meantime. While I'm busy counting down and trying to get through the day, the opportunity to truly live is slipping through the cracks. God is faithful enough to reside in the mundane, everyday occurances, and big enough to use them to bring about beauty, growth, and change. So tomorrow, as I wake up to a new day, I will continue to look towards the future with great anticipation and excitement, but I will also find contentment and joy in what God has blessed me with in the meantime. Life is truly a beautiful gift. It's time I start living like I actually believe that.


anng said...

I have that realization every once in awhile - especially when I'm caught up with my "future plans." I'm glad you're embracing each day ... it's a good thing! :-D

katie said...

Thanks for the reminder that life is BEAUTIFUL.

I love you.