Saturday, January 31, 2009

They're Out!

Support letters are out. Like my mom suggested, I sent them out with prayer and now it is a matter of waiting and trusting. $11-12,000 is a lot of money. Especially considering that many people are financially strapped or are a bit more cautious with their money due to our crazy economy. However, already I have been completely overwhelmed, encouraged and inspired by people's support and generosity. Family members who have chosen to support me beyond what I would have dared to hope-family friends...friends family...some who don't even know me have decided to help support me. I've received emails from people telling me that I will be in their prayers and I cannot tell you the peace and confidence that brings to me. I still have quite a ways to go in this process but already God has demonstrated his faithfulness and provision. God is good. I believe that.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dictionary Knows Best


 /blɑ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [blah] Show IPA Pronunciation Slang.
1. nonsense; rubbish: What they say is blah.
2. the blahs, a feeling of physical uneasiness, general discomfort, or mild depression; malaise: After the long weekend many workers had the Monday-morning blahs. –adjective
3. insipid; dull; uninteresting.

Worthless nonsense; drivel.
blahs A general feeling of discomfort, dissatisfaction, or depression: "Monday morning Oscar woke up with the blahs" (New Yorker).
Dull and uninteresting.
Low in spirit or health; down: sat around all day feeling blah.