Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,

Dear Elizabeth,

You came upon a letter today that you wrote to yourself in high school. Make sure you hide that...it was pretty embarrassing and you wouldn't want anyone to stumble upon it. But it talked about who you were, who you wanted to be, and what you wanted to remember about life on March 10, 2002. Reading it again today, it made you realize that so many of your dreams have already come true and that there are still so many dreams ahead of you. But you must not live solely for them. Remember today as well.

Elizabeth, today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and you could feel that spring weather is on its way. And you're on spring break and you've already had time to relax, sleep in, and have fun...and you're not even halfway through break! Life is good! And despite what you might feel at times...you are so lucky to be in school. You have the opportunity to learn and grow and be challenged. Please try to remember that next Monday when your alarm goes off at 6:30am.

And your friends. Elizabeth, you have some pretty great friends. Make the time for them. You're busy, yes. You're tired, yes. You have to get up early, yes. But they are amazing people and you truly do need them in your life.

You started eating healthier and working out again. Go you. But do it for the right reasons. Do it to feel good. Do it to be healthy. Do it for the energy you'll gain. But please don't compare yourself. You're so good at comparing yourself but it's time you focused your energy on accepting yourself.

Like I said, today was a beautiful day. Remember to thank God for it. And when you're feeling down or worn out...remember that days like today will come once again and it won't be long before you're reading this again, wondering how time could pass so quickly.